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A Travel Junkie’s Journey to Authentic Expression

Ciao! Merhaba! Bonjour! In my twenties, I tried on A LOT of voices, as I bounced around countries and communications positions.

When in Italy, I spoke like mio ragazzo italiano — passionate hand gestures and curse words included between sips of Spritz cocktails.

When in Istanbul, I caught on to the myriad of Turkish expressions. Haydi ya!

And even after settling down in expat land (aka Geneva, Switzerland), I continued to contort my voice to suit the conservative nature of the corporate world.

Trying on different languages, styles and boyfriends was fun in my twenties. But during my Saturn Return (a potent astrological transit) I was overcome with an intense desire to find my true voice.

And for me this was much more than my accent and fashion choices. It was about how I express my creativity in the world.

What kind of dancer am I? Certainly not the technically perfect, cookie-cutter ballerina my coaches wanted me to be. What is my illustration style? Plain vector illustrations with a constricted color palette and zero sparkles didn’t sing to my soul. And what’s my writing style? Dry reports with corporate mumbo jumbo wasn’t my jam either.

After trying on loads of cultural costumes, I knew what didn’t fit.

But deep down my true voice was always there. I was just afraid of expressing it. Fearing judgement, I followed the corporate style guide and unspoken expectations.

Until I didn’t… Behind the scenes, I was following my creative muse to a magical place where authentic expression is celebrated. I expressed my truth through writing, dance, and digital art.

Liberated from my imaginary shackles, I began to reveal ONE authentic face to the world. Indeed, I found my authentic voice, and in that voice, my authority.

Do you feel free to express your true self in all areas of life? And what does healthy authentic expression mean to you? Share in the comments!

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